OBSE Celebrates $50M Economic Impact

Outer Banks Sporting Events celebrated a $50M impact on the Outer Banks in the last ten years. The event took place at the Duck Wood Country Club Sep. 15. Present were longtime Outer Banks Sporting Events sponsors, board members, and founders.
John Gillam III, board chairman of Outer Banks Sporting Event opened the evening by welcoming everybody and thanking the sponsors and volunteers.

Next up was Elizabeth Silverthorne, Executive Director of the Dare Education Foundation and a recipient of the funds from Outer Banks Sporting Events.

“There’s so much gratitude for all of you, for the energy and the time you’ve put in over the last ten years. This year Dare Education Foundation turned 15 years old, and I’m very happy to say that we’ve given $2.3M back to the Dare County Public Schools. Most of that money came from OBSE. We wouldn’t have been able to do this for the students and teachers of Dare County without you,” Silverthorne said.

Outer Banks Relief Foundation is the other recipients of the funds raised through the Outer Banks Sporting Events.

“The Outer Banks Relief Foundation assists people who live and work in Dare County, who find themselves burdened by illness or tragedy and I’m happy to tell you that $1.5M went out to people who found themselves in this position. More than $800,000 of that $1.5 came from the Outer Banks Sporting Events, and that only can happen because of the leadership, volunteers, and athletes. It takes a community to put on an event and when it all comes together it’s a beautiful event,” Mckenna said.
McKenna introduced the new executive director of the Outer Banks Sporting Events, Ray Robinson who moved to the Outer Banks from Walkertown with his wife, Glasher and daughter Lauren.

“We are celebrating a milestone folks. $50M worth of economic impact to the Dare County. If not for the Dare Education Foundation, Outer Banks Relief Foundation and each one of our sponsors and volunteers this would not be possible,” Robinson said.

He talked about the partnership with Xterra Wetsuits and Paddleboards who will give 60% off their merchandise to OBSE athletes.

Robinson introduced Pam Pekrum with Dominion Energy of North Carolina. She spoke at the event and presented a $5,000 check to the OBSE.

“We have been a part of this for a long time, and it is our honor to support the marathons that we have, and we do that starting at the Kitty Hawk office. But it’s also our honor to continually contribute to this worthwhile organization because it goes to some awesome folks that spread that money a long way and a lot of people benefit from that. It’s our pleasure to present a check to this organization,” Pekrum said.

Lee Nettles from the Visitor’s Bureau talked about the importance of the partnership with the Outer Banks Sporting Event. “I have such respect and admiration for the four founders of this organization that just had the foresight and the presence of mind to bring the community together, where we can come up with events that satisfy the mission of the tourism board and give such a contribution to this community,” Nettles said.

After the presentation, guests talked to each other while enjoying drinks and seafood provided by the Duck Woods Country Club.

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