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Pace the Nation podcast
Listen to OBSE Executive Director Ray Robinson talk about Outer Banks Sporting Events and they great things they are doing.

“At (13:19) we are joined by the executive director of the Outer Banks Sporting Events Ray Robinson. We talk about the Outer Banks race series, operating as a non-profit and the benefiting charities. Ray goes through the different races in the series, the Flying Pirate Half Marathon, Storm the Beach, the triathlon and the Outer Banks marathon. At (19:48) Ray describes the southern fried six, a race that the PTN crew believes will revolutionize the race landscape. At (21:50) we have breaking news from the OBX race series. At (23:54) Ray talks about his race day responsibilities. At (25:23) Farley foolishly tries to challenge Docs with some race trivia. At (26:25) we talk about the race geography. At (27:00) Ray talks about the non-running components to the Outer Banks Sporting Events and we dabble with some Southern Living talk. At (28:43) we talk about tapping into the younger crowd. At (31:50) we talk about the Outer Banks experience outside the race. At (33:30) we talk antique cars and transition to antique phones at (35:45). At (36:48) Farley talks his NC connection and North Carolina BBQ. We are back at (39:57) to talk about the free swag and the OBX races. At (42:28) we talk about Dez Lindens decision to take time away from running. At (46:35) we fire up the VA HS XC talk and (54:30) we bring back the where are they now segment. At (56:15) we talk about the Turkey trots and then get into a discussion about traveling to races.”

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