National Park Service & OBSE Partner On A New Triathlon Course

Sometimes it’s just a good idea to TRI something different… and that’s just what Outer Banks Sporting Events has done with this years 2018 Outer Banks Triathlon in September.


In a constant effort to keep things fresh with new races and events for locals and tourists alike, OBSE decided to give the “Best Tri Venue on the East Coast” a bit of a face lift. Starting with the idea of extending it’s course and tying it in with some of the local history of Roanoke Island, where the triathlon takes place.


With the new addition of a second transition area at the Lost Colony. Participants will rack their bike and start their run on England’s first home in the new world.  The legend has it, when John White, appointed by Sir Walter Raleigh as governor of Roanoke Colony, returned to England for more supplies in late 1587, he left behind his wife, his daughter and his infant granddaughter—Virginia Dare, the first child born in the New World to English parents—among the other settlers. Upon White’s return in 1590, he found no trace of his family or the other inhabitants of the abandoned colony, now known as “The Lost Colony”.


Triathletes should be ready for an off road experience during the last portion of their run as they

head from the west end of the park on the Freedom Trail where they will explore the maritime forest along this 1.25-mile trail that starts with views of the Croatan Sound and ends at the  Elizabethan Gardens for the finish!


From there participants will head back to the gardens for the after party where they will celebrate their finish among a 10.5 acre garden containing over 500 different species of plants. Featured collections include hydrangeas, camellias, historic herbs and a wide variety of native coastal species.


The NPS approved the proposition of the new course on their property after several meetings with OBSE and determining that the course was not only safe to it’s visiting customers as well as our athletes, but lined up with their policy of promoting health and active lifestyles within in the parks borders and creating a meaningful association with the parks rich history and educational opportunities.


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